Bistalk Anti Fraud System (AFS)

Bistalk Anti-Fraud System is a highly automated fast and versatile system to identify and fight
telecommunication fraud. Within minutes, it is able to identify and fight nearly every type of fraud.
Running on Linux, it comes with a state-of-the-art web interface that makes the whole system
extremely cost-effective.

Fraud detection is increasingly becoming a significant issue with voice operators, where margins are
eroded and even the smallest problem can result in dramatic margin loss.

The system has been developed in close cooperation with some of our customers and represents a
collection of proven modules of our other systems with the sole purpose to monitor traffic and identify
telecom fraud as fast as possible.

The Anti-Fraud System provides traffic profiling functionality to monitor and identify traffic anomalies.
Operators can set scenarios to filter unusual fraudulent traffic patterns on specific destinations down
to an individual A- or B- number.

The system also generates alerts when the user-set criteria are breached. The notifications can be
emailed or reviewed within the program.

The notifications, together with the reports, allow NOC and routing managers to evaluate the potential
fraud, check the specific traffic down to the CDR level in order to identify the probable source, and
implement changes before traffic volumes increase and significant losses are generated.

The usage of the system is very intuitive, and due to the very small technical footprint required it is
possible to set up the system on a Linux platform of any scale starting from Raspberry-PY up to the
biggest multi-core servers required for the protection of enterprises, telecom carriers, and telecom

The Anti-Fraud System runs on Linux systems/servers. It does not require any additional cost-intensive
third-party database license. The system can be provided to run in-house or hosted. The size and scale
of the required hardware depend on traffic volume and commercial setup.